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Euro-post I: Paris

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I’m back from Europe, loaded with plenty of food pictures for your enjoyment! I’ve decided to post the photos by theme. First up: Paris!

My first dinner in Paris was at a falafel joint called L’As du Fallafel. It was near my friend DR’s apartment in the Marais, in the Old Jewish Quarter. It reminded me how good falafel is in Europe; in fact, the first (and best) falafel I had was in Amsterdam.

DR is super excited about our falafel sandwiches.

DR is so excited about our falafel sandwiches, it's scary.

Falafel + fixin's

Falafel + fixin's

The next day, I walked all over Paris and grabbed a quick lunch at the chain Brioche Doree. This particular sandwich was called the “Classique Americain.” I’m not sure what’s so American about it — I’ve never encountered such a combination in America: baguette, mayo, lettuce, tomato, ham, hard boiled eggs, and cornichon. Still, it was pretty good.An American classic?

For my second and last dinner in Paris, we revisited one of my favorite restaurants from my last Paris trip: Miramara. It’s one of the best Cantonese restaurants I’ve eaten at, and I’ve had a lot of Catonese food! Their shrimp dumplings (with noodles, of course) and barbeque meats are super tasty. In fact, the pork was so good that the diners at the next table simply pointed to our dish and told the waiter, “We’ll have what they’re having.” Except, en Francais, of course.

The best shrimp dumplings EVER

The best shrimp dumplings EVER.

This pork dish was so good that the diners at the next table simply pointed to it and said, "We'll have they're having." (except in French of course!)

Mouth-watering bbq pork.

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