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Chicken soup for the soul


I just realized that I’ve been writing this blog for 2 months without a single post on cooking.  That is just sad, especially when I claim that I enjoy cooking.  Well, better late than never, so here is the first official cooking post!

Last week, I came down with a head cold.  That, and the blustery weather made me crave soup, especially chicken soup.  There are two versions that I like to make.  The original is a Chinese take on chicken soup, with corn and eggs.  It’s sort of thick and very delicious, and I like to mix in some white rice to give it more “oomph.”  The second version is the more typical American style one, with veggies and wild grain rice (pictured below).  I got the recipe out of The Gourmet Cookbook and it is so simple.  Basically, you combine chicken, carrots, celery, rice, water, and salt in a large pot and cook it for an hour.  The only “difficult” part is that you have to skim the fat, which I actually enjoy because I’m weird like that (I prefer to think of fat skimming as meditative, but others might say it’s something that borderline obsessives like to do. To each her own.)

It might not be the prettiest soup, but it sure was hearty and delicious!

It might not be the prettiest soup, but it sure was hearty and delicious!

The other reason I like this recipe is because I get to use my red Le Creuset 5 3/4 quart dutch oven (also pictured), which was a Christmas gift to myself last year.  I had been eyeing one for years, but always held myself back.  I finally convinced myself that the pot was worth it and that it would encourage me to cook more.  I’m not sure that it’s necessarily panned out (pardon the pun), but I definitely get a feeling of satisfaction when I use it.

On another note, reader AW looked up some of the mystery items from the Bern Farmers’ Market post.  The mystery berries are elderberries, while the prickly things belong to the cucumber family, specifically  “Cucumis sagittatus, igel and others.” Thanks for the info, AW!

Author: Jen

Howdy! My name is Jen and I live in the San Francisco Bay Area. I like to eat, run, and blog, but not usually at the same time.

3 thoughts on “Chicken soup for the soul

  1. Yummm. It got cold here this week and I think it’s time for some soup. Last year I made this soup http://allthingsnice.typepad.com/tastebuddies/2007/10/kao-thom-with-p.html and it was great even though I lack some key Chinese ingredients, like fish sauce. It got me through a pretty bad cold.

  2. love the pot! soup looks yummy. sorry you don’t feel well…get better soon!

  3. i like to use rotisserie chicken , cuz im too lazy to season …

    the good parts can be eaten off the bone, the so-so parts can make chicken salad with a heaping of mayo, red onions and celery, and the rest can go into soup.

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