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Ramen to the rescue

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Yes, I love noodles and I don’t discriminate between noodle types.  One of my favorite noodle places for lunch is the Ramen House Ryowa.  I rediscovered it last year, after I had initially dismissed it after a so-so experience when I first moved to Berkeley.  I decided to give them another try when I read some positive reviews on Yelp. This was definitely one of those times I was glad that I overcame my initial judgment, because I was really, really wrong.

What do I like about the ramen at Ramen House Ryowa?  First of all, they have an interesting variety of ramen, from your usual miso and shoyu bases to the more exotic butter corn, amongst others.  Second, the broth is flavorful, the noodles are chewy/al-dente, and the meat is succulent.  Finally, I appreciate that they have an ample variety of chili oil and peppers to spice up the soup, not to mention the free tins of all-you-can-eat kimchi.  If you’re super hungry, their lunch specials with 3 gyoza and fried rice really hit the spot.

Miso ramen

Miso ramen

The lunch special with soy bean ramen, fried rice, and gyoza.

The lunch special with soy bean ramen, fried rice, and gyoza.

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