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An Insider Tip


Greetings from the suburbs of Washington DC!  I’m here visiting family and friends for a week, so I’ll be blogging about the culinary delights of the DC/Maryland area. My first meal was pho, but since I’ve already talked about it before, I won’t write a repeat post.

My next meal was at Asia Taste.  An insider tip from my sister and my niece, both bubble tea fiends, guaranteed that they serve the best bubble tea in the area.  I was also excited about the Taiwanese specialties, such as the beef noodle soup that I ended up ordering.  Even though it was slightly oily, the noodles had a good al dente bite and the soup was flavorful.  We also got the child-friendly beef, egg, and tomato rice dish that was fairly decent.

Delicious beef noodles

Delicious beef noodles

Tomatoes, egg, and beef on rice -- a big hit with my 2 year old nephew

Tomatoes, egg, and beef on rice -- a big hit with my 2 year old nephew

And of course, we couldn’t leave without ordering bubble tea.  For those of you who are unfamiliar, bubble tea is tea with large tapioca balls (sometimes called “pearls” or “boba”) at the bottom.  The drink was created in Taiwan, where people are obsessed with the chewy texture of things.  This chewy texture even has its own terminology: “Q.”  For example, something very “Q” is very chewy.  The original bubble tea is milk tea (black tea with lots of non-dairy creamer or half and half), but now you can get everything from green tea bubble tea to mango bubble tea, which is what my sister and niece ordered.  So that I could judge this place properly, I got the original milk tea flavor.

My verdict?  It’s probably the best bubble tea I’ve had in the States.  A lot of places mess up the pearls by overcooking them, or not adjusting the tea to the right level of sweetness or creaminess.  Asia Taste, which serves the Jumbo Jumbo “brand” of bubble tea, gets everything just right.  Highly recommended!

Another happy bubble tea customer

Another happy bubble tea customer

Author: Jen

Howdy! My name is Jen and I live in the San Francisco Bay Area. I like to eat, run, and blog, but not usually at the same time.

4 thoughts on “An Insider Tip

  1. oh man, now i’m really craving bubble tea. do you have a pinkberry near you? i’ve been dying to try pinkberry.

  2. No pinkberry but there are a lot of imitators here. Only time I’ve ever been near a pinkberry was in Queens… in the middle of winter. I was so cold I didn’t want any frozen yogurt!

  3. PS. So, I am still too chicken to try this bubble tea malarkey, but I give you permission to kidnap me and force-feed me bubble tea, since it seems you’re an EXPERT.

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