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New York, New York

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A great start to the day: toasted everything bagel + cream cheese shmear.

A great start to the day: toasted everything bagel from H&H + cream cheese schmear.

Welcome to the first of a series of posts on my recent visit to the fine city of New York!

Still on Pacific Standard Time, I awoke Saturday morning in a groggy (and slightly cranky) state. Luckily, my wonderful friends had already gone out to buy a dozen bagels from the world famous H&H Bagels, not to mention cream cheese AND hot coffee from Starbucks. Hooray! I made my host JL dig out her toaster so that I could toast my everything bagel before I schmeared it with lox spread. Yum. This was my only request the entire weekend and I was so happy to be eating an authentic, chewy NYC bagel.

For lunch, we headed to EF’s only request for the entire weekend: Katz’s Delicatessen. She had gotten a tip from a trusted foodie friend of hers, so we made our way down to the Lower East Side for late lunch. Being that it was Saturday, the place was packed. We pulled up our bootstraps and fought through the crowd, ordered our $15(!) pastrami sandwich, flirted with the pastrami man, and secured a table for four. Yes, the sandwich is quite pricey but it is so full of delicious, hot pastrami that we shared two sandwiches between the four of us. Definitely worth it!

I’m trying something new with the photos for this post: because the internet connection is so slow at my parents’ place in Taipei, I decided to copy the collage style of friend and fellow blogger SBJ at Fit For a Femme. Seriously guys, it took me 10 MINUTES PER PHOTO yesterday to upload those stupid pho pictures. And I had 10 photos from Katz’s… so you do the math! Anyway, I’ll go back to the full photos when I have a better internet connection but I hope you enjoy this collage of Katz’s Deli!

katz deli

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  1. Yeah, mommy, why not? was definitely the quote of the trip.

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