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How Sweet It Is, Part II


A couple more sweet things to blog about from Taiwan!

Since bubble tea was invented in Taiwan, it’s no surprise that every aspect of each bubble tea can be customized there. The many options include: tea flavor (duh), bubble size (big vs. small), sweetness (no sugar, 30%, 50%, 75%, regular), and amount of ice. It’s almost as complicated as ordering a Starbucks drink! My favorite was passion fruit green tea with 30% sugar, since the passion fruit syrup is pretty sweet already. Even for a someone with a sweet tooth like me, the regular/normal sugar level was way too much.


Passion Fruit Green Tea with small tapioca. "The Tea of Cool" and don't you forget it!

My sister PJ could be a professional shopper. We usually shop all day (literally) and only take breaks for two things: to use the restroom and to eat or drink. She has memorized the layout of every single major department store in Taipei. It’s damn impressive. Anyway, during one such shopping marathon, my sisters PJ and JS and I stopped for afternoon tea (if you haven’t noticed, such things are common in Taipei). We each ordered a coffee and PJ ordered Belgian waffles with fruit and ice cream to share. Since I was still full from lunch, I told her I wouldn’t have any. However, as soon as the plate arrived, I quickly reversed my decision. It was too delicious looking not to take a bite… or two. Really, can you blame me?


Why yes, we are the official spokeswomen for this delicious looking dessert.


Up close and personal: waffles, fruit, and ice cream.

Author: Jen

Howdy! My name is Jen and I live in the San Francisco Bay Area. I like to eat, run, and blog, but not usually at the same time.

3 thoughts on “How Sweet It Is, Part II

  1. i love the little bubbles. but seriously, i had a heck of a time figuring out the “sweetness meter” where you say 1 for 10% sweetness, or 5 for 50% sweetness, etc. kind of like how you describe sales? i forget already. there’s so much chinese i’ll never be able to understand.

  2. I heart bubble tea! Had it for the first time a couple years back here in NYC. I look for it everywhere!

  3. can’t stand bubble tea (those things remind me of eyeballs) but those waffles look darn good!

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