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9 thoughts on “Ode to the Breakfast Sandwich

  1. interesting take on the bagel sandwiches… i just talked about why i think that they undermine the entire philosophy of how a sandwich should be laid out…

    • I just read your sandwich philosophy/anti-bagel sandwich post, and I have to say that I mostly agree except in this case. First, we always do the open face sandwich, which allows some piling on of filling. It’s just the right proportion of egg, bacon, and bagel. Second, the bagels we get here are not super awesome NY bagels, so I feel like it’s ok to bastardize them a little. Finally, and most importantly, I think the following rule trumps any food philosophies I have: if it tastes good, then throw your rules out the window.

      • open faced is acceptable… i approvve. I would also not do the bacon, but I am aware that many people appreciate that which bacon brings…

        i will let it slide.

  2. NICE ONE!!! LOVE this sandwich- obviously I substitute the bacon part, but seriously, someone with the right kind of breakfast sandwich!

  3. p.s. the only thing that’s missing from that picture is the mouth, watering, as it approaches. but it looks so good, it’s there, you know?

  4. This looks AMAZING! Now I want a second breakfast!

  5. You are, indeed, a cruel person. Here I was thinking I was satisfied with the cheerios that I just ate until I read this post. That gastronomical orgasm of a bagel puts my bowl of cheerios to serious, serious shame. I am hungry again. 🙂

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