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S&J’s Wedding Celebration


So, as I was saying from the last post, I went to Maryland in March for EF’s bachelorette party and to celebrate SM’s wedding. People often say to me, “Geez Jen, you’re always going to so many weddings!” In fact, I don’t think I go to more weddings than my peers; it’s just that my friends happen to live far and wide. So I guess from an outside perspective, it might seem like I make a lot of wedding-related treks.

The thing is, I wouldn’t miss these weddings for anything. If I have the resources (time, money) then I’ll go. Sure, there’s often an added incentive (“Wait, you want me to go to Hawaii? Twist my arm why dontcha?”), but more importantly, these are my closest friends and the wedding day is one of the most important in their lives. Also, it goes without saying that my friends’ weddings, while very diverse in style and execution, were all a lot of fun. And who doesn’t like fun?

So, in March, I went to the wedding of SM and her beloved JS. Here’s a brief synopsis:

How we met: Friends for almost 20 years, SM and I cemented our bond throughout high school in the geekiest ways possible: band, theater, and quiz bowl. We kept in touch for the next 15 years, even as life took us to diverse locations such as Philadelphia, San Francisco, Albuquerque, Honduras, and Sacramento (her) and Chapel Hill and Berkeley (me).

How they met: SM and JS met during grad school in Albuquerque. They dated for a while, broke up but stayed friends, flirted with the idea of getting together for years, and finally decided to get back together around November 2008. SM credits me with encouraging her to get back together with JS. I don’t particularly recall this, but I’ll take whatever credit I can get!

How I would describe the couple: Physically, SM and JS could not be more different. She is petite, blond with striking blue eyes, and has pale, freckled skin. He is dark and broad-shouldered. Personality-wise, they could not be better matched. Both S&J love to laugh; they definitely have a certain joie de vivre that is evident to anyone who spends time with them.

Their wedding: The ceremony was held at the church where SM’s family are members, and the reception was at the Audubon Naturalist Society in Woodend, MD. It was a really lovely space, an old estate filled with original Audubon drawings. Did I mention that we spotted about 4-5 deer in the woods during the reception? (No, we didn’t eat them.)

Following dinner, there was lots of dancing. S&J are avid salsa dancers. I was super impressed with their moves! Originally from Columbia, J had a small group of his family there (the rest were denied visas, unfortunately). Despite the language barrier, I had a lot of fun dancing and laughing with them.

To start: a delicious Caesar salad with a glass of red wine.

Dinner: Beef tenderloin, tilapia topped with crabmeat, green beans amandine, and roasted potatoes.

Dessert: wedding cake that was spongy and moist, filled with fresh fruit.

The Father-Daughter dance. This is one of my favorites from the wedding.

Another favorite photo of the bride and groom dancing. I think it captures the joy of the moment.

The next morning, we were treated to an authentic Honduran lunch at Al Carbón in Rockville. We had a choice of wood-fired beef or chicken, which came on a platter with beans, rice, and salad. It was really delicious. I got the chicken, which was expertly marinated in spices including lime, cilantro, garlic, and many others I couldn’t identify. Another bonus: Al Carbón is close enough to my sister’s house that I’m definitely planning to revisit this cute little restaurant.

Lunch at Al Carbon. The chicken was the highlight for me.

Congrats to the lovely couple!

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Howdy! My name is Jen and I live in the San Francisco Bay Area. I like to eat, run, and blog, but not usually at the same time.

2 thoughts on “S&J’s Wedding Celebration

  1. You are such a sweet friend! Your thoughtful story-telling made me feel like I was there and like they were my friends, too.

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