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OMG. Best Peking Duck EVER.

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Now that’s what I call good presentation.

For our last big family meal, we headed to Dragon Restaurant instead of our usual dim sum place.  My sister PY researched the best place for Peking duck, since she had promised me roast duck as a belated birthday present. I didn’t remember such a thing, but when someone offers you free Peking duck, you rise to the challenge!

Dig in!

Now, I’ve had some good duck and not-so-good duck, but this was the Best Duck Ever. Seriously. The combination of perfectly sliced, tender and juicy duck served with freshly steamed pancakes, Hoisin sauce, and sprigs of scallion (wrapped in optional red pepper) could not be beat. However, the Best Ever Duck comes with a hefty price tag: NT$1200 (roughly US$40)! The good news is that you can choose to add another duck-related dish, such as duck bone porridge or stir fried duck with vegetables, for only US$6 more, per dish.

So yummy!

The rest of the meal was pretty darn amazing as well:

My favorite dish: seafood and tofu claypot, with baby bok choy.

My second favorite: crab vermicelli. Not much crab but plenty of tasty noodles.

Steamed whole fish with soy, scallions, and cilantro.

Ground pork and egg soup

The restaurant also serves dim sum, which looked pretty good but we didn’t order any. It’s also a little touristy — Dragon Restaurant has a solid reputation among the Japanese tourists. So, if you go, be sure to make a reservation!

(FYI, here’s a blog post with helpful information for English directions to the restaurant: http://mykafkaesquelife.blogspot.com/2010/11/best-duck-in-taipei.html)

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