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“Chickens, Ducks, Llamas, OH MY!” Adventures in Mendocino


This was my Christmas gift from TC:

That would be the Mendocino coast, if you haven’t figured it out.  No, he didn’t buy me the coast, but he did treat us to two nights at the wonderful Glendeven Inn.

The Wine Barn at Glendeven Inn

There are a plethora of bed and breakfasts in Mendocino, so what attracted us to Glendeven? First, it looked cozy without any of the cheesy, faux Victorian or over-the-top Country Living decor. Second, they deliver a full breakfast with farm-fresh eggs to your door. Third, there were many rave reviews on every website that I checked (Yelp, Tripadvisor). Fourth, the location couldn’t be better: picturesque trails were directly accessible by foot, right off the grounds of the inn. Fifth, there was a complimentary wine tasting every afternoon in the Wine Bar[n]. But what really got us? One word: llamas!

“This is a llama.” Even though they were just minding their own business and very gentle creatures, I was still a little scared of them.

What’s more, there were other animals too, including chickens and ducks. They gave us a small bag of seeds so we could make friends with our avian neighbors.

The chickens take a stroll around the grounds.

TC was really good at feeding the ducks. I was too scared. (I can’t help it; it’s the city girl in me!)

As I mentioned above, the breakfast was a huge draw for us. On both mornings, at 9am sharp, a huge basket arrived at our doorstep. The first morning, we had:

  • Fresh squeezed organic orange juice, carafe of coffee
  • Anise-hyssop baked local pears
  • Zucchini-wrapped farm-fresh egg (with cheese, tomato, and onion)
  • Rosemary cheddar biscuits

The first breakfast. Yummy.

The second morning, we had:

  • Fresh squeezed organic orange juice, carafe of coffee
  • Melons in honey-lime syrup
  • Farm-fresh baked eggs Benedict en croute
  • Pistachios, European-style yogurt and honey (my favorite!)

A delightful way to start the day!

Every day between 5-6:30pm, there was complimentary wine and snacks at the Wine Bar[n]. The snacks were very simple — bread, cheese, nuts, some spread, but since I was usually pretty hungry by then, they were a lifesaver. The wine was quite good as well!

Wine and snacks, anyone?

If you can’t tell, I highly recommend the Glendeven Inn. It was just perfect in every way, and the owner John is the nicest, most hospitable guy. He even led us through yoga on the first morning! Stay tuned for other great meals and amazing photos from Mendocino…

Author: Jen

Howdy! My name is Jen and I live in the San Francisco Bay Area. I like to eat, run, and blog, but not usually at the same time.

3 thoughts on ““Chickens, Ducks, Llamas, OH MY!” Adventures in Mendocino

  1. I’m totally entranced by the idea of a zucchini-wrapped egg. It sounds great.

  2. I’m definitely going to try some ramekin-baked eggs. What a great idea.


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