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Junk in My Trunk: Trader Joe’s Joe-Joe’s


One side of the Joe-Joe's box... the other side is teal. I like the disclaimer, "Not actual cookie size."

It’s been so long since my last “Junk in My Trunk” post, you probably thought I forgot about that series, didn’t you? Well, fear not, my loyal readers, for I have a new snack to share with you all! It’s from Trader Joe’s, seemingly the only place from which I buy junk food. I admit that part of the reason that these posts have been so few and far between is because I try not to buy snacks at all. Lately, however, with my training for the Oakland Half Marathon, I had a two-fold reason for snacking:
1. An increase in metabolism = increase in appetite – same size meals = need for extra calories.
2. I really curbed my drinking since alcohol tended to make my training runs more hellish. I went from ~1 drink/night to ~2 drinks/week. Without a glass of wine with dinner, I felt like a sweet treat afterward might satisfy my need for a little indulgence.

I’m proud to say that I possess a good amount of self-restraint. Even with a whole package of cookies, I’ll only have 2/day, 3 at the most. Unfortunately, TC doesn’t share my ability to eat just 2. For instance, I bought a package of palmiers from Trader Joe’s (also ridiculously delicious), thinking that it would take me forever to eat all 12 cookies. (They’re really big cookies, and very rich and buttery too.) Well, with TC’s “help” they were gone in less than 3 days. Good thing the man has super metabolism on his side. Me, not so much.

Anyway, on to today’s featured snack: TJ’s Joe-Joe’s. These are like Oreo cookies except with chocolate filling. I had somewhat low expectations; after all, how can anything be as good as an Oreo? But I was very pleasantly surprised. Not only is the cookie good, but the chocolate cream filling is smooth and rich. Very satisfying! I’ve had the vanilla Joe-Joe’s too; I can’t say that I’m as big of a fan of those.

In summary, TJ’s chocolate Joe-Joe’s: go getchu some!

getting close to finishing the box of Joe-Joe's... so sad

Author: Jen

Howdy! My name is Jen and I live in the San Francisco Bay Area. I like to eat, run, and blog, but not usually at the same time.

5 thoughts on “Junk in My Trunk: Trader Joe’s Joe-Joe’s

  1. How sad is it that I haven’t capitalized on having Trader Joe’s in the last two cities I’ve lived in? I really need to get on the boat.

    I love your reasoning behind snacking, and couldn’t agree 100% more. Now that I can’t have my daily glass of vino as my indulgence, I too, have substituted it with tasty treats. My favorite lately has been fudge bars. And when we go out to dinner, I ALWAYS order dessert. It makes up for the ‘cocktail’ portion of our dinner that always includes water for me.

  2. I noticed that decreasing the alcoholic beverages increases the desire for other sweets…now if I can only cut out both I would be in good shape!

    • Yes, that is so true. My boyfriend and I are going to try to have more fruit around as our “treat.” Not sure how well that will work out…

  3. TJ’s Kettle Corn Cookies. That is all.

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