poor scientist. will blog 4 food.

the culinary adventures of a self-described foodie


Appetizers, soups, & salads:
Roasted beet and corn salad
Hot and sour soup

Magical, all-purpose stir fry sauce
Traditional cranberry sauce with orange zest
Canned cranberry sauce with mixed berries

Cranberry chutney
Cranberry and pickled beet relish

Vegetables/side dishes
Zucchini & potato bake
Easy green beans
Baby bok choy + Shiitake mushrooms
Bread stuffing sans turkey (dry)

Noodles, pasta, and rice
Super easy fried rice
Ratatouille pasta
Bacon & broccoli pasta
Pork, bok choy, and mushroom noodle soup
Simple pasta (with veggies, sausage, and jar tomato sauce)
Anchovy and fennel pasta
Weeknight beanoa (quinoa)

Stews, curries, chili, porridge
Beets and carrot curry with coconut milk
Mama’s beer chili
Turkey rice porridge (turkey jook)

Meat/Main dishes
Curry tuna salad with cranberries and walnuts (for sandwiches)
Baked chicken with soy sauce
Chinese-style steamed fish with sweet soy sauce
Five spice eggplant tofu

Strawberry cream cake
JS’s “Best Ever” carrot cake

Breakfast & miscellaneous
EF’s FTW pancakes

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